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Ideal time to visit Ninh Binh

In which season should we travel to Ninh Binh? Which is the most beautiful season to travel to Ninh Binh? These are questions that tourists often set out to get the best time to visit and have the best photos of Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh is located in the humid subtropical climate zone. Each different season will create different scenes so visitors can travel to Ninh Binh in all seasons of the year. The landscape in Ninh Binh is extremely peaceful and beautiful like a watercolor painting.

  • Travel to Ninh Binh in the spring:

From January to March (lunar calendar) every year: This is a cool time of the year to combine spring sightseeing and participate in festivals for luck and peace. Around April (solar calendar), this is the most beautiful butterfly season of Cuc Phuong National Park.

  • Travel to Ninh Binh in summer and autumn:

At the end of May and early June, Ninh Binh attracts tourists by the picturesque golden rice fields spread throughout Tam Coc - Bich Dong area. Every year, the festival of “Tam Coc Golden Colors” is organized to honor the cultural values ​​and rare natural beauty of the land of ancient citadel, where the endless rice fields on Ngo Dong River are worn “a new shirt”, showing off their beauty beside the dark green limestone mountains.

Besides, at this time, blooming lotuses is also a attraction for tourists who love taking photos .

July - August, Tam Diep pineapple fields in the harvest season. This is one of the most ideal times to visit the most famous pineapple field in Ninh Binh. Young people will have the opportunity to drop themselves into the glamorous space of pineapple fields, inhale the scent of ripe pineapples and not forget to save the romantic photos here.

The summer time is hot with humid and there are many rainy days from May to September. Since October, the weather will be cooler when Ninh Binh steps into the fall.

  • Travel to Ninh Binh in the winter:

From November last year to around January, the weather is cold and dry, which is also a good time for tireless tours. In particular, the peaceful atmosphere of Christmas holidays as well as the New Year's welcome moment in Ninh Binh also leaves the mising feelings in every tourist’s heart.



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