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  1. Please present valid documents or passports and visas at the reception upon check-in.
  2. Pets, weapons, toxic materials, explosives or inflammable items are not permitted in the hotel.
  3. Visitors are welcomed at the hotel lobby only.
  4. Please inform the Receptionists if you’d like to share room with other guest.
  5. Cooking or laundry is strictly prohibited in the room.
  6. Gambling, prostitution and use of drugs within the hotel is in violation of state regulation and is therefore strictly prohibited.
  7. All valuable items should be placed in the safety box in your room or deposited at the Front Desk. The hotel is not liable for any loss or damage of valuables or other belonging of the guests.
  8. Please read carefully the Emergency Fire Safety and Evacuation Instruction placed in the room.
  9. Check-in time is from 14:00 onwards and check-out time is at 12:00.
  10. Food, drink from outsite and strong smelling fruits are not allowed.
  11. Inside the hotel, there are several items which are chargeable if they get lost or break.
  12. You must not change or move the equipment in the room without the consent of the Hotel Management Board.
  13. You should use the service and equipment as prescribed by the hotel.


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Asia’s Best Relaxation Retreat 2018
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