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Erlebnisse beim Besuch von Kenh Ga heiße Mineralquelle

L’eau chaude et limpide coulait de la montagne, murmurant constamment ; pendant longtemps, les gens ici prennent souvent de l’eau de la source à boire pour des vertus curatives.

According to the study, the spring water of Kenh Ga has a lot of Sodium chloride, Potassium Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium Chloride and Bicacbonate which are extremely good for health.The temperature of the stream is about 53 degrees C. If you are in the stream in the morning, you may feel the dense fog. A fresh air, adorned with songs of the birds makes the spirit of tourists more refreshing to start a new day with full of energy.

Coming here, you can bathe in hot water tanks with temperatures of about 40 degrees Celsius, cold water tanks with 26 degrees Celsius and thermal bathing areas.

  • Spa pool, soaked bathing in Kenh Ga hot water resort

When coming to the tourist area of Ke Ga hot spring, you can swim in large hot mineral pools with a capacity of 50-70 people with 16 powerful jets. You may both bath and feel the cool breeze blew in from the Hoang Long River

If wishing a private, quiet space, you can change to the herbal bathing area with a distinctive Japanese design and adjust the temperature as you like. With the exquisite designed space, you can completely soak to recover your health and watch the mountains and clouds.

  • Accompanying services

+ Massage: When coming to Kenh Ga tourist area, tourists can participate in other activities and services, such as massage with Chinese traditional medicine to reduce anxiety and fatigue. You are also assured with a healthy level.

+Karaoke service: If you travel with your class or group, karaoke after dinner is not a bad suggestion.The large singing room with a capacity of over 100 people will make you completely satisfied to have a happy and refreshing space

+ Campfire, gala and dance party: If you want, a campfire is not a bad idea for your trip to Kenh Ga hot spring tourist area.


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